Learn with May

After working in classrooms for more than 5 years with exposure to different textbooks and resources for teaching, one of my favorite resources as a classroom teacher was (and still is) Teachers Pay Teachers. There are so many talented and highly experienced teachers from America and Canada who have developed creative, interactive and engaging lessons with differentiation for the students that are available for teachers to use. I have contacted a few of these teachers to collaborate with them and use their lessons and products as stand alone programs for my students. All of these lessons are in line with the American common core standards and have been used in classrooms with success. I believe these lessons are more valuable for students than simply using textbooks and worksheets or memorization and drills to teach. 

I strive to make my lessons interactive, engaging and inclusive to all needs, abilities and interest. 

All of these classes can be adapted for individual learning, small or large groups and online lessons. 

ELL Newcomers Curriculum by Beth Vaucher of Inspiring Young Learners 

Students will learn new vocabulary, sight words and grammar in everyday context. Each unit includes a story, a grammar activity, a writing activity (with differentiation) and a speaking game to use the grammar skill for that lesson. 

Writing Program Grades 3-5 by Pam Olivieri of Rockin' Resources 

Students will learn sentence structures, paragraph writing, informative writing, opinion writing and informative writing. This program comes with differentiation for different student abilities and model examples are provided as well. 

Project Based Learning

Project based learning is an engaging way to get students to explore and understand real life problems while allowing them to use skills from various subjects (interdisciplinary) like they would in the real world as adults preparing them for their futures. 

My Theme Cafe by Mrs. J's Resource Creations

Students will learn how to budget finances by creating their own cafe. This project is suitable for grades 3-6 and covers math skills: mapping, area, perimeter and measurement; addition, multiplication, decimals and fractions; data, pie graph, percentages and more. There is also a creative component by designing the cafe and a critical thinking skills component at the end with the reflection. 

Learning Support and

Social Emotional Learning 

We could all use a bit of support every now and then and there is no shame in that. Life can be overwhelming, and so can school. What we learn, and don't learn when we're young impacts us as adults. It can influence how we manage change, stress, conflict etc in a social, professional and even romantic situations. Learning those skills early can help prepare us and be an effective preventative tool so these courses are for anyone and can be adapted for any age! 

Study Skills from The Responsive Counselor 

Students will learn goal setting, what it means to put their best effort in their work, how to use self-talk to ignore distractions and stay focused, time management skills and organization.