"May has been a big inspiration for me during the start of my yoga journey. She is patient and always explains the techniques with detail so that I am able to learn the proper way to do all the moves from the beginning. I am now improving and continue to watch her video explanations to progress and learn more.. her explanations are detailed and easy to follow for beginners like myself.. her sessions are also very helpful.. highly recommended yoga instructor!"

- Moe, 34, Male

Kuala Lumpur





“I met Ms. May as an ESL professional at my daughter's school. In the midst of a stormy homeschooling experience, she was always looking out for us and helping both me and my daughter to continue learning at home without stress. When I heard that she was going to start working as an independent tutor, I applied as soon as I could. Her classes have a great balance of physical activity and obtaining knowledge, and most importantly, she always shows our daughter that learning English is fun!"

-Akane, A K3 student's mom

- Bangkok

Hey, I'm May! I've moved between countries and schools more than I can count!

Movement between external environments shaped me emotionally and mentally. 

Physical movement helped me build body awareness, resilience and

a connection between the mind and body. 

I integrate elements from everything I have learned from the

East and the West in my teachings to personalize my lessons in various streams whether it's with kids or adults.

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